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Burton Stills

A community for Tim Burton's movies icons

Icon Challenge for Tim Burton Films
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ABOUT burton_stills

Welcome toburton_stills ! This is an icon contest run by fuyu_icons and nanashboo that revolves around the films directed by the wonderful Tim Burton. The founder of this great community is neuilly.
Layout made by/taken from starlingsby100 and the banner made by nanashboo


1. Since this is a stillness community, no animation will be allowed in the entries.
2. Icons have to fit within the LJ standards: 100x100 px and 40 KB, in either JPG, GIF or PNG format.
3. You may uses brushes, stock pictures, textures, but no oustide pictures! There will be a picture (or pictures) provided for each week.
4. Icons must be made for this challenge - it should not have been previously posted anywhere, and will be disqualified if it is posted anywhere but here before the voting is over.
5. Do not vote for your own icon...or tell others to vote for yours. It's not fair and defeats the purpose of the community.
6. You may only enter if you are a member of the community. So join!


Monday: new challenge posted
Friday: Midnight EST all icons due
Friday night/Saturday morning: poll posted
Sunday night: Winners announced


If you would like your community to be added, ask fuyu_icons or nanashboo. Please only challenge/graphic related communities.

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Thanks to lovenhereyes for arranging the community info.